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Manufacturing Equipment Financing

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Manufacturing Equipment Financing

Get Your Financing in Before Interest Rates Rise

As the Federal Reserve has yet to increase interest rates, it’s in the interest of most companies to get lending and purchase manufacturing equipment before the year is up. Projections show that manufacturing is going to reach an all-time high - get the equipment you’ll need while it’s available at a fair price. With the economy slowly becoming more healthy, this is also the perfect time to replace equipment and get started on growing your business further.

There are plenty of businesses that specialize in manufacturing equipment financing, so strategize with the company that will best deliver what you need in the long run. The Equipment Finance and Finance Association also advises that creative lending will be near necessity as regulatory scrutiny increases. Think, private lending, personal guarantees and private investments.

Since Manufacturing Equipment Lending is a niche market, there are always trade-offs and benefits. While the market may be smaller, you’ll be able to develop closer relationships with equipment lessors and direct manufacturers. This will almost always result in better relationships, lower prices and stronger negotiations.