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Construction Equipment Financing

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Construction Equipment Financin

Steps to Financing Your Construction and Build Equipment

Acquiring the funding for your construction equipment can often be a difficult process, because of various rules and regulations that lenders abide by. The age of equipment, private sellers and other restrictions allow the banks to control and sometimes block, the lending process. This prevents many contractors from building their business. Find a way around these blockades by strategically getting the funding you need.

If you’re a new contractor, showing proof of good credit is key for lenders. Use other bank and business references to help secure funding. It’s always best to be upfront with lenders, so get ready to open your books! Proof of strong profit margins will not only help you get financed, but can keep your interest rates low.

If your credit history isn’t enough, many lenders will accept a personal guarantee. Beware though, as these can be risky if you’re not able to pay the loans back and could ultimately put your business in a vulnerable position. It’s always best to have documents prepared by someone who can give you an objective opinion for two reasons: 1) they have no gain if something goes wrong and 2)you’ll have the documents prepared and ready for the lender to review. Get creative with your lending options; banks are not always the best route. Using other methods that allow you to provide collateral as primary or secondary backing.