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Business Tax Loans

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Business Tax Loans

Are Credit Cards the Way to Pay Your Business Taxes?

Owing business taxes is a common occurrence for sole proprietorships and new businesses that have either unanticipated their sales, or are in their first year of business. The late fees on taxes are incredible high, including enormous interest rates, so while you may want to avoid taking on more debt, it’s best to look at the overall impact of a tax penalty.

It’s best to know your tax situation a few months before taxes are actually due. Why? Many cash advance companies will increase interest rates the closer to Tax Day you apply for a loan. In addition, if you’re able to estimate your taxes but just can’t generate the cash flow in time, you’re able to use working capital loans and you likely will already have one for inventory and labor.

Other loan options include peer lending, which allows you to use your network of friends and other businesses owners to essentially crowdfund your tax payments. Unlike other crowdfunding, most of these sites are true loans, and you payback lessors. As a last resort, check out credit cards that are especially for small businesses; they will typically provide you with assistance to help with your deductions and itemizing, getting you in the best possible condition for business taxes.