Updated 4:12 PM PST, Mon April 28, 2014

No Home? Need Help Finding One?

No Home? Need Help Finding One?

If you’re facing foreclosures, bankruptcy that will results in loss of housing, etc, it’s important that you contact help for housing assistance before you are actually kicked out. Often, you’ll be able to receive temporary housing should an eviction take place. Some shelters may have rules about curfew, the amount of personal belongings and duration of stay, but that’s no reason to not take the help. Many people are embarrassed of their situation, or do not want to give up the bad habits that lead them to this situation and would rather hide it than take advantage of the many programs out there.

Getting the Help You Need

These programs are not associated with the government, but help to provide aid to or directly sponsor shelters. These programs, as they are usually partially funded by the government, require applications. There are hundreds of these across the country and can help provide both temporary and permanent housing for the displaced. Most shelters that offer displaced home assistance also offer other systems to address variables leading to homelessness such as alcoholism, drug addiction, job training, and violence.

For both young adults and veterans, the government has provided programs to eventually end homelessness in these specific groups. Many will qualify for employment training and healthcare along with home support.

If you’re a young adult who has been displaced, ran away, orphaned etc, it’s much better to seek help than go out on our own. Try contacting the city hall to see if they have information regarding youth and homeless shelters. There are many programs in place to provide aid and care for minors.