How Can You Use Small Business Grants?

Physically placed companies, or companies that are located offline, can receive a number of small business grants to help their businesses. These grants can be used for equipment, finding a new building, or renovations to already placed buildings.


Equipment can be what needs to be purchased for the actual business to run and operate as needed, but it can also include any equipment that may need to be rented in the building process of a business. Equipment rentals may have limitations so be sure that you ask about what the limitations are ahead of time.


The building category can involve a lot of different items like being able to find an actual building that you want to repair or just buying a building that is already built. It can also include building in a certain area as well. For building in certain areas, there are usually strict guidelines for the grants so you will need to read through this process carefully.


A renovation on existing buildings is another way that grant money for small businesses can be used. To make the process a little easier, it is a good idea to already have certain locations in mind when you apply for the grant. You also want to specify, with each location, what renovations are needed and the approximate costs.

Several small business grant funders like to approve grants for those trying to build up the market in certain areas so if your business is seen as a positive influence on the area, it is more likely to be accepted for the grant. Also, funders are very picky about who they reward grant money to when it comes to a brand new building so be mindful of that when applying.

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